SHe’s A wRitER

Luann is a Certified Spiritual Psychologist and Heal Your Life Teacher & Coach whose passion is to write about how our everyday lives have spiritual meaning.

Luann often shares her own personal experiences and points to how we can see life through a perspective where the Universe presents us puzzles and opportunities for us to play/wrestle/muddle/walk or fly through for growth and healing

Luann’s intention with her writing is to inspire people to live their lives differently, at their best. Sometimes Luann calls you to shift your thinking and actions just slightly and other times, much more drastically. Either way, you will see how very possible it is to make big and little changes.

Sidenote: Don’t underestimate the little changes!

Luann publishes her own blog regularly where you can follow her adventures with inspiring anecdotes. She has written articles for publications such as Heal Your Life News & Inspiration, Showcase and Elephant Journal.


shE’s a CoAch


Luann’s specialty is in assisting women to align with their highest selves.  Using her gift of intuition and heart centered listening skills, Luann effortlessly puts her clients at ease.  She has an ability to zone in on the core issue quickly and gently and sometimes with a little push, guide them into the transition that is being called forward. 

The ability to honor oneself is a huge part of Luann’s work and being able to balance your thoughts, actions and vibration.

If you’re wondering if Luann is the coach for you, ask yourself:

Do you want to fly?

Luann wants to help people soar.


Different coach.


Step right up.

Investments begin at $250 for 90 minutes for the first session