Mindful Eating

In contrast to today, that day I cut my doughnut into little pieces with my fork and slowly ate it while I chatted with my son about his birthday. Consequently, I was able to enjoy little pieces of that doughnut all throughout that day.

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Luann ChouComment
A Pearl by any other name...

Hmmm. I am sure I’d have fun if I absolutely had to go to Griffith Park Mother/Son camp but the thought of sleeping on a bunk bed in the same room as 20 other campers with the door opening and closing for every camper who needed to go to the bathroom and eating cafeteria food does not immediately bring explosions of joy into my mind.

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When you know better, do better

So for me, no more doling out candy like they are rays of sunshine. It feels good to pass out candy but being a good mom isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes being a good mom is more like putting snow chains on your tires before you ascend that hill when it already started snowing and you’re drenched in your sweatshirt and stretch pants.

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