30 Days of Blogging

I just got back from France. During my trip, I decided I wanted to blog for 30 days straight when I got home.

Because I don’t want to forget or snooze on my commitment to myself, I decided to start straight away even though my former normal self would be doing a million other things before blogging. I figure the laundry isn’t going to run away and the luggage isn’t going to melt if I don’t unpack it this instant.

But I know if I don’t write right now, I may not write later because I’ll talk myself out of blogging for 30 days . I can just hear my thoughts telling me… Really? How come you are going to write instead of… Basically everything besides what I enjoy doing - which happens to be writing. And who’s really gonna care if you blog or not? Well, I guess I do so here I write. Sometimes my thoughts can be real bugs. :)

I’m not sure why I came up with blogging for 30 days but the idea came in as a concrete idea and I registered it so I said YES! Yes, I will. I will do it! I think because i want to and I think I hear myself putting every other thing before what I want first.

On the flight over and back, I listened to a book called Eight to Your Ideal Weight by MK Mueller. Pam Grout - author of E2 and E3 gave the Foreword, which is how I found it on Audible to begin with, so I decided to give it a whirl.

As I listened to it on the flight home, I became more determined to blog for 30 days. From what I took in from the book so far, we often eat when we don’t put our needs first. I imagine this is a female issue more than male not that men don’t also struggle with this issue but I think we women have our identities wrapped up into being helpful.

Just now, I told my son, I was blogging and could not chat. Yay me! This is not like me but I think will be something I add to my writing repertoire.


One thing MK talks about in her book that struck me are the “Shoulds” in life. Louise Hay, my mentor also talks about shoulds but for some reason, I really stopped to think about what I heard yesterday and it’s effect on our waistlines.

I’m just gonna say it here in print. Sometimes, I feel like I’m so blessed that I need to put other people’s needs before mine because who am I to put myself first?

Well, I want to declare now ( I think Customs asking me if I had anything to declare, brought this on) that I want to put my needs first and I’m ok if that make me seem like a big A-hole. And if I’ve judged anyone else (which I have) in the past for putting themselves first, I apologize. My apology is sincere for others but it’s also for me too because I know that if I give others permission to be themselves and put themselves first, then I too will more easily and readily give myself permission to put myself first.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today.