What if...

I recently downgraded my son Jake’s cell phone to my old Blackberry.  As you might be imagining, this transition was not met with enthusiasm. 

It’s funny because I used to love my Blackberry.  I was a huge Blackberry fanatic – I adored those little keys, the pocket size unit and I’ve always been more of an email person than a texter.  Mind you this was all before we were surfing the web 24/7 making the slow internet perfect for emergencies only. 

As I’ve been sharing with friends about Jake’s “new phone,” everyone seems to want to know how long this will last?  I’m prepared for two months as T-mobile misquoted me the price for talk and text at $15/month. 

The rep had to call me back and let me know I couldn’t add talk and text to my plan and the price for Blackberry service was actually $40/month.  Yikes! Luckily he set up our plan to be $15 for 2 months.  

That made it easy for me to go with trying out the Blackberry for the 2 months. From there, I may upgrade Jake’s phone but I’m thinking to a non I-phone.  Perhaps a not so smart smart phone. 

My thoughts about cell phones for teens and adults too actually goes something like this:  It’s too easy for them/us to be glued to our phones and not have any gaps in our days. 

You know how when you break up with someone how you need space to process?  You think about what was so great about you guys and what went wrong before you move on to the next Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, right? 

The key words here are space & process.  With cell phone in hand (device), I think it’s becoming more and more challenging for any of us to process anything unless we make it a point to do so. 

I read another sad story about a dad leaving his babies in the car the other day.  Both babies died.  The dad is completely devastated as is the whole family.  My heart goes out to all of them. 

It made me think NOT of cell phones but just that many of us are so distracted.  We have too many things going on and we are not taking time for gaps and to recenter ourselves. 

 What if we all went back to vintage Blackberries where we couldn’t access Netflix and Youtube and fancy games all day long?  Perhaps we need to go back a little further than that to flip phones so we aren’t accessing emails all day long either. 

We’d have a lot of uncomfortable people (including me), that’s for sure.  Our fingers have become so accustomed to having a device in hand looking at whatever it is that we look at, anything other than what is actually in front of us. 

What if…


My new phone

What year is this Blackberry from?