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The Light Within

When I prayed in Sacré Cœur, a funny thing happened. I kneeled where there was a bright light coming in from the sun. I like signs and the light called to me. As I kneeled to say hi to God, and consider some kind of rededication, the light dimmed so I redirected my thoughts - to the light within - the God within. This resonated with me.

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30 Days of Blogging

Make it Simple but Significant

But I know if I don’t write right now, I may not write later because I’ll talk myself out of blogging for 30 days . I can just hear my thoughts telling me… Really? How come you are going to write instead of… Basically everything besides what I enjoy doing - which happens to be writing. And who’s really gonna care if you blog or not? Well, I guess I do so here I write. Sometimes my thoughts can be real bugs. :)

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