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A Pearl by any other name...

Hmmm. I am sure I’d have fun if I absolutely had to go to Griffith Park Mother/Son camp but the thought of sleeping on a bunk bed in the same room as 20 other campers with the door opening and closing for every camper who needed to go to the bathroom and eating cafeteria food does not immediately bring explosions of joy into my mind.

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The Light Within

When I prayed in Sacré Cœur, a funny thing happened. I kneeled where there was a bright light coming in from the sun. I like signs and the light called to me. As I kneeled to say hi to God, and consider some kind of rededication, the light dimmed so I redirected my thoughts - to the light within - the God within. This resonated with me.

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30 Days of Blogging

Make it Simple but Significant

But I know if I don’t write right now, I may not write later because I’ll talk myself out of blogging for 30 days . I can just hear my thoughts telling me… Really? How come you are going to write instead of… Basically everything besides what I enjoy doing - which happens to be writing. And who’s really gonna care if you blog or not? Well, I guess I do so here I write. Sometimes my thoughts can be real bugs. :)

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