Don't be Stingy


Taco Lita Sauce

If you are from Arcadia, this post will make perfect sense to you. If not, I’ll try to explain.

In high school, there was a little hole in the wall taco stand that we all loved to frequent. To break it down, their most famous work is made of ground beef, large amounts of cheddar cheese, refried beans, a tortilla and the SAUCE.

I have heard many people that are not from Arcadia bemoan that the sauce is crap but I don’t think it is.

For my husband’s birthday, I drove to Arcadia to pick up some taco sauce for him. I actually paid for extra packs and we just finished the last one yesterday.

Today, I happened to be in the area with my son so we decided we had to pop over to Taco Lita to refill our Taco Lita sauce inventory.

The last time I visited in June, the man that gave me my order gave me a generous heaping of Taco Lita sauce and I also bought 20 packages so I left with a monster load of taco sauce.

Today, I thought I guess I don’t need to buy extra sauce since they are so generous with handing out their sauce. Well, this is hilarious but the lady that helped me today only gave me a small handful. Hmm. I asked if I could have a few more. This is a famous line used in Taco Lita by basically everyone.

She grabbed three more sauces and then removed one from her hand before giving me 2 more sauces. Oh my gosh, this made me laugh so hard. Three was already stingy but then to remove one from her hand?

I shrugged with disappointment and took my bag to leave. When we got to the car, my son asked me, do you want to go back in and buy more sauces?

I thought about it and decided this was a good question as we live over an hour from this retro little spot. I only had $4 which was only enough to buy 10 packages. My son followed in the Arcadia tradition and asked for a couple more. She gave him two more and then he swiped a sauce off an empty table.

Too too funny.