Dropping In - January 2018

Happy New Year!  I hope this has been a wonderful start to your 2018 but if it hasn’t yet, I affirm that 2018 can still be all that you want it to be.

I just finished my January weekend at University of Santa Monica where I’m studying spiritual psychology.  I am still feeling the high of the weekend.

I woke up this morning most poignantly remembering, the importance of “dropping in.”  What does that even mean?  Well, it’s actually a term I learned in acting.  I think it was a class I took with a teacher named Ron Burrus – he ended up teaching me so much about spirituality actually.  Anyway, the term “dropping in” came after we took some time to center ourselves before we did anything.  We’d close our eyes, and, in my words, drop into ourselves.  Ha.  I think we were doing a mini meditation but I didn’t know back then.

I look back and see how much dropping in helped me in my acting career.  When I first began acting, I really tried very hard to do everything right – to win them over.  I learned my lines.  I practiced…  Just the process of slating my name was a really big deal.  (Hi, I’m Luann Chou)  They always tell you in acting your slate is really important because that’s how casting first sees you.  Well, in the beginning, I often did not show up as myself.  I efforted my way through slates with a higher pitched voice than my own and a super enthusiastic “Hi, I’m Luann Chou!!” trying to get it “Right” but actually not showing up as myself did not get me positive results.

However, when I started dropping in, I started to get more and more and more call backs and then bookings.  And when I say dropping in I mean when I began practicing a process of where I’d re-center myself before my auditions.  Auditions are a high energy place and so I learned to take deep breaths before auditions and literally sink back into myself right before my slate so that the essence of me could come out because the essence of me was the one who ended up being seen.  My essence was the one who got called back and the one booking.

This came to me this past weekend in one of my working trios.  Trios are where we practice the skill we are learning in a client, facilitator and neutral observer set up.   I had the privilege to watch someone show up right before me – beautifully and completely so.  One minute she was in a role as she felt she had to be when she was the facilitator but as she moved into the client chair, she let her guard down.  She let go of her role and showed up completely and vulnerably as herself and it was really awesome to see.  I got to witness what it looks like when we appear as who we think we SHOULD be and when we show up as ourselves and let our essence shine – dropping in.

I invite you this month to practice dropping into yourself and letting others see your true essence.  What a gift that is to the world!  I certainly felt that way in the trio.

And I’m reminded too as I prepare for my workshop next Thursday to show up in my essence and not as the “teacher.”

Thanks for reading.