To dry age or not to dry age

My title, To dry age or not to dry age is not a real question.

Of course dry age if you want the most flavorful and tender piece of meat. Many people call the flavor of dry aging buttery and nutty. I’m gonna stick with delicious!

In Los Angeles, we used to have a Capital Grille Restaurant which to me was amazingly simple and delicious with their own meat locker and wine locker for that matter where they dry aged their beef.

The results… Amazing. At the time, I didn’t think much about what made the steaks at Capital Grille so memorable but now, I am thinking…


A friend recommended a restaurant to me in Paris. She told me it’s very popular with locals, reasonably priced and foodies loved it.

I told my hubby and he was down for us to metro our way over to Bistrot des Campagnes.

Um, delicious!

Um, delicious!

The above picture is our steak before our waitress sliced it for us. If you are into judging the looks of steaks, which I am, it was a beauty.

We look happy here and we haven’t even tasted the meat yet. I guess we knew…

We look happy here and we haven’t even tasted the meat yet. I guess we knew…

Now, look at the photo with us and our steak. It’s super red eh and looks very rare. I had my doubts at first. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be tender and perhaps rather chewy and rubbery. The moment I took the first bite of my meat, all my fears melted away. The meat was ridiculous - tender, juicy, flavorful and you know what? No blood. Right. I said no blood.

Since our french is very… elementary, we did not even know it was dry aged until we tasted it and then I asked.

We loved our meal so much, we had to return one more time to Bistrot des Campagnes before we left Paris . On our return visit however, the boeuf was not nearly as good. To begin with, it was very bloody, which I’m not usually opposed to but that was my first clue that the meat was not going to be the same. And the meat turned out to be chewy and not nearly as tender and flavorful. It was the opposite of buttery and nutty.

My gut instinct was that it wasn’t dry aged the same or long enough. I asked our waitress about it and she agreed that it might not have been dry aged long enough. So remember folks, Dry Aging Matters.