Feeding our Minds with Yummy Stuff - October 30, 2018

Posted by luannchou on October 30, 2018


Feeding our Minds

I have been in the process of moving this month and I’m not gonna lie, it has thrown me off my center.  As I work my way back to center, I thought I’d share what has been helpful.

Have you heard the idea that our thoughts create our future?

If you answered yes, me too.  Even knowing this and fully believing it,  I really haven’t felt equipped to deal with all my limiting beliefs flooding my mind and body this month.

Mantras and Affirmations

There are a lot of moving parts in a move.  My mind was has been overwrought with a million thoughts.  The exciting beginning was the first weekend my husband and I decided to look for a house with a yard.  The beach has been our backyard and that has been it’s own brand of fun.  For me though, I really missed having a little more space and a yard and I missed my white roses. Today we close escrow on the house we discovered the very first weekend we began our search.   I’m reminded now how exciting this is and how my son loved it immediately.  Along this journey, I’ve forgotten this excitement as worry has taken over so thank you for this opportunity to remember.

The roller coaster of emotions:  Will we get this house?  Waiting.  Inspection!  What am I doing?  Waiting.  This house needs a ton of work! Will my son be happy at his new school?  and on and on it goes…

Over the past month my body has struggled.  I knew my body was trying to talk to me.  I knew the answer was Self care but how?  With many of my belongings half way moved, I was out of my routine and I’m grateful that I turned to some audible solutions.

I listened to a book by Mabel Katz called the Easiest Way that gives additional perspective on Ho’oponopono – you may know it as the Hawaiian prayer that goes: I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you.  Thank you.  Feel free to refer to my other blog on ho’oponopono  http://luannchou.com/2017/09/hooponopono/

Mabel recommends saying “Thank you” in your mind to all situations that trouble you.  And so I have.  I’ve been repeating “Thank you” as a mantra in my mind all day, all month.  Anything that troubles me or worries me…  People, situations, thoughts…  I just say thank you repeatedly in my mind.

The second way I’ve been exercising and feeding my mind has been to listen to Louise Hay’s recorded affirmations.  I have found that in my time of “stress”, it’s a challenge for me to say the affirmations myself but to hear them especially from Louise’s loving voice has been very soothing and healing.  I began with Louise’s morning and evening affirmations and then moved into her Self Esteem affirmations available on Audible and youtube too.  I personally love Audible because it is so convenient.  As I listen, I can feel my body drop in.  You can listen to the Self Esteem audible in the car or while working out.

Louise’s first affirmation on the Self Esteem Affirmation is: I am lovable because I exist.  What a beautiful reminder.  We are lovable and valuable because we exist.  My intention is to listen to this same series of affirmations for 33 days – helping my brain to form a habit with these healing thoughts.

On I go on my journey.  As I listened to Louise this morning, I was inspired to write this blog.  I hope you find it helpful and healing.

Sending you love and peace on your journey!

PS. I also see my energy helpers on the regular during these times – acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc…  Feel free to inquire if you are interested.



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