Showcase Interviews Me on Finding the Right Vibration - October 2018

Finding the Right Vibration
Showcase interviews Luann Chou

Currently appearing in a Wells Fargo commercial, actor, writer, and spiritual psychologist Luann Chou advocates tenacity as well as letting go. Showcase recently spoke to her about the merits of both and how they apply to creativity.

Showcase: You just did a piece about the power of saying no for “Heal Your Life” newsletter. Give an example of how harnessing “no” would benefit an artist or writer.

Chou: First off, giving yourself permission to say “NO” is extremely important.  It’s as simple as, “I give myself permission to say No.”  When you are able to say “No” to what you don’t want, you open yourself to a new world that was previously cluttered and blocked because sometimes it takes a “No” to know our “Yes.”  I highly recommend a 3 minute meditation to center each day to be able to hear centered answers – both Yes & No.  Do I take this assignment?  Should I still write?  The answers are within each of us…

Showcase: As a certified spiritual psychologist, you’ve facilitated past life regressions. What have they revealed?

Chou:  I coached a client who was Joan of Arc in a past life. This may seem outlandish but in my mind, “Somebody was Joan of Arc so....” Past lives can be an important healing tool.  My general philosophy focuses on the present and the thoughts we think today.  I am a big believer that our thoughts direct our lives.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve been thinking and for how long.  You can redirect your thoughts and your life anytime you choose.   

Showcase: When is it better to hang on tight?

Chou:  I allow everyone the freedom to process as they choose.  I don’t force people to let go or forgive.  We all have our own timing.  My hope is to get to letting go but more importantly I am an advocate for self honoring choices.  If you feel someone has wronged you, take time to acknowledge that pain.  Some hurts are very deep.  Write about it.  Talk about it to someone trustworthy.  Honor the person you were when you went through the hurts, even if it was yesterday.       

 Showcase: What sparked your interest in acting and writing?

Chou:  I guess I’ve always felt like I have nuggets I’d like to share with the world and Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way” brought that out in me. Completing Julia’s 12 week program from the book, doing “Morning Pages” and going on “Artist’s dates” led me to acting, writing, cooking, creating and playing.  Writing is a big part of the Artist’s Way.  Morning pages asks that you expel your thoughts on paper everyday preferably in the morning.  I absolutely love journaling or some call it free form writing or morning pages.  I give myself complete permission to write and do whatever I’d like with these pages.  Sometimes I crumple up the pages and throw them away, sometimes, I keep them in my journal and sometimes I fold them over and keep going.  Once in a while, I burn the pages…  I find that many people struggle with thinking their writing isn’t “good enough” even when no one is reading it.  I recommend being willing to let that go…

Showcase:  Is there anything you want to share with the world now? 

Chou:  Honestly I always have so much to share.  My passion is Luann’s Corner – Sitting with Spirit, my Youtube channel, where I share different spiritual topics from my own life.     


Luann Chou