Finding your tribe with your Vibe - February 8, 2019

Posted by luannchou on February 8, 2019

I finally moved into our new house and I love it!!! It feels like home already.  Smooth move?  Um, I wouldn’t say that. I could bore you with all the details of what has NOT gone well or is not going as I’d like but instead, I  am going to share about vibration.  

My family and I moved to a beach community about 4 years ago from the valley.  On paper, and live, our new community looked great.  Right by the beach and the schools on paper were tops.  We were trying to look ahead for middle school for our son.  We had had a wonderful experience at a community school in the valley but many folks were considering private schools or moving for middle school. 

Initially, we looked close to where my husband and I grew up in Arcadia and South Pasadena.  But then suddenly, a great house came on our radar.  And it was close to one of our best friends.  What could be better?  So we moved.

And this is where vibration comes in.  I knew very quickly after we moved, it wasn’t a good fit for us.  

I grew up moving a lot and I have to admit I love this lifestyle.  As a child, I moved from Taiwan to Pennsylvania to South Carolina to Michigan to California.  In many states, our family was one of the few asian families in the community.  But you know what?  I always felt welcome.  Everywhere we moved to, the community opened their arms to us.  It really was the, “Can I borrow a cup of sugar” from your neighbor feeling.  I am truly grateful for these experiences.  

This warm welcome feeling was not the feeling we received when we moved to our new beach community four years ago.  The vibration was off.  But what to do? The answer… We learned.   

I have “learned” a lot over the past four years.  One of the most heartbreaking experiences for me was watching my son not be in quite the right rhythm/vibration.  In my heart, I knew that this was not the place for him and that we should move.  This is not an easy topic to broach when you have just moved.  But, eventually I braved it and started discussing with my husband, my desire to relocate.  I trusted my instincts and did not let fear take over. I am so grateful I did and grateful that my husband was willing to see and also act.  He was the one who found our new home.  

My son has been at his new school for less than a week and he is beaming.  Yesterday I picked up some friends from the airport and instead of rushing back, I used the opportunity to tell my son he could walk home because I knew he had been walking part way to my car with a new friend.  I’m so glad I did.  They stopped at Taco Bell.  Kid stuff.  

I’m not saying the move is without growing pains.  I am saying it feels right to me.  The vibration is right.

Have you ever heard people say, it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s what you make of it?  Needless to say I have found that that’s only partially true.  

I call this: Messy with a View

I call this: Messy with a View