Gratitude & Intention - December 30, 2018

Posted by luannchou on December 30, 2018

I hope the holidays find you well as I know November through January are not always a happy time for everyone and I know that I for one used to sometimes feel down when I would compare my holidays with “everyone else’s” holidays.

That being said, I do love the holidays and Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. I love Christmas lights, Christmas music and decorating the tree – looking at each ornament as I place it on the tree and remembering where each came from whether it’s from my travels or from friends from year’s past or my childhood.

This year however was different. Since my family and I are in the midst of selling our home, we decided not to buy a tree this year so as to minimize clutter and not messy up our house.

For Christmas week, we ended up staying in Flagstaff, Arizona. As it turns out, we have several weeks banked from our timeshare and we decided to cash in on them for the holidays. I’m so glad we did. I brought our stockings and heavy stocking holders out of storage and Voila! It really helped give the special feel of Christmas in our home for the week. Did I mention, our original timeshare is a junior suite ie. A hotel room with a kitchen and our Flagstaff week was a 2 bedroom with a full kitchen? – a space larger than our home actually. #grateful

During our stay, I was able to take my boys to see Sedona a couple times as it’s only 40 minutes away from Flagstaff without traffic. We visited Bell Rock and (the feminine water side of) Cathedral Rock. I fell in love with Sedona in October and I really wanted to share the magic of Sedona with my boys and I feel so full that I was able to.


Photo: Me in Sedona at the Cathedral Rock vortex. A lil chilly but worth stepping into the energy.

As I reflect back on 2018, I am particularly grateful for some of the new friendships I made and look forward to deepening those bonds. Also, over the past few months, I have really invested in Joe Dispenza’s meditations and particularly his book “Becoming Supernatural.” Below, I am sharing a link to one of my favorite meditations. I aim to do one of his meditations each day. Sometimes, its 4 times a week and I actually do them laying in bed. They have been transformational to me and so I wanted to share…. I hope you enjoy it too.

As 2019 approaches, I look forward to moving into our new home. My ongoing intention is to BE more than DO and to fully feel deserving of my life while gently remembering we’re always working through karma. I’d also like to visit more of the US this year.  

What are your intentions for the new year?

What are you most thankful for from 2018?

I welcome your good energy on a smooth remodel, move in and transition for my son Jake starting a new school in February. Thanks!

Wishing you a very happy New year from Utah!