Helicopters overhead

Last night while blogging about not getting desensitized by mass shootings and praying, I heard helicopters outside my house. I didn’t think much of it at first but the helicopter seemed very close to my house and hovering.

I used my Ring device to turn on the flood light above my garage door and the helicopter seemed to fly even closer and point it’s light in my direction. Hmmm. I assumed I was being dramatic and stopped peering out the window.

I noticed the helicopter was still hovering so I went to turn on the lights in the front yard. As I did so, I could see the helicopter shining it’s light close to my bedroom window.

This started to make me feel unnerved. Who were the police looking for? They were really close to my house. What would I do if I saw someone?

These questions did not calm me down. Nope, rather it got me looking at my Ring app seeing if anyone was outside and I turned on the final light in my backyard. Same thing happened with the helicopter.

I tried to google what was happening but nothing came up. I’m glad I didn’t look on my Ring app because it only just dawned on me now that I could have checked the Nearby incidents thread regarding the helicopters but here’s what I would have found…

Ring App:

Neighbor #4: What’s going on with the helicopters outside?

Neighbor #49: Are you afraid of helicopters?

Neighbor #12: I think they are surveying the area for power lines.


Luckily I hopped onto Nextdoor.com instead of Ring and was able to verify that the helicopter(s) were actually right next to me. People speculated, based on police radio reports that there had been a car chase and possible abandonment of the car which led to a pursuit of the occupants in the car on foot.

I’m not sure if this made me feel better or worse. I guess in light of the shootings and not knowing what was happening outside, I realized I felt vulnerable so I took my own advice and started praying. Surprisingly, this too caused me some grief because I was wondering how best to pray. I didn’t want to beg and plead but I did want assistance.

I started feeling like I was at the mercy of powers outside of myself and I could only really control myself and this very moment. These thoughts were not immediately bringing me comfort.

I finally landed on telling myself, I am safe right now and I asked the Universe for protection over my home.

Today I was tired and reminded myself I am safe right now and generally sent light out to everyone and everything around me. May love, light and peace surround you…

Good Night.