A few weeks ago, I had an acquaintance from my Toastmasters group tell me she noticed I was trying to hide dark spots on my face with make-up. 

Yep.  That’s what she said. 

 I too was stunned and didn’t really know how to respond. 

First of all, she’s right.  I am trying to cover up some dark spots on my face so to be approached about something I’m trying to conceal by basically a stranger felt…  Bizarre and Invasive. 

She said she wanted to help me.  I told her that I got the dark spots after doing an IPL treatment 5 years ago and have treated them in numerous ways, seeing various doctors to no avail. 

To this she asked, “Have you tried Vitamin C?” 


Are you serious?  I wondered. I just told you I have seen numerous doctors and tried various treatments.  Yes, I’ve tried Vitamin C.


And then she wanted to know how I was eating and if I exercised. 


I am new to this Toastmasters group so it was with difficulty that I tried to navigate this conversation – I was trying not to be easily offended at the same time really feeling….  Offended. 


I am sensitive about the dark spots I have on my face.   A few months ago, my mom said to me, I’ve been thinking about your face and what we can do… 


Hmmmm.  Thank you. 


 So, why is this topic coming up? 


When I thought about it, I thought it might be because I am hiding the spots and the spots represent flaws.  And what if people see my flaws?  Then what? 


Exactly.  Then what?


So today, I consciously decided not to wear any foundation. 


Was I comfortable?  Not when I looked in the mirror. 


I think I’m making a point to tell myself that having flaws is ok.  This may take some more convincing. 


As a final note, I’m grateful for the awareness this conversation brought up but to be clear, this gal is not gonna be my bestie. 



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