Ho'oponopono - September 8, 2017

Posted by luannchou on September 8, 2017

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Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer.  Pronounced Ho o po no po no.  It is a very simple prayer but I have found it to be powerful.  Here’s the thing about Ho’oponopono, it’s appropriate to use anytime for any matter.  I just love it and am pretty much obsessed with it!

The idea behind ho’oponopono is that we either operate from a place of inspiration or memory.  Inspiration is from spirit.  Memory can not only be inaccurate but actually NOT helpful.  Remember when your mom/dad or teacher said something really awful to you?  Your memory might have digested that incident(s) to mean you are not lovable and in fact a terrible person. Sadly, this seems to happen a lot.  But I’m here to tell you,  No matter what someone has said to you or done to you or you’ve done or said, YOU ARE SPECIAL!

You probably didn’t just change your mind this minute which is where Ho’oponopono comes in.  If you begin with a thought that is an error, the error just continues… It’s kinda like math.  Remember when we used to do long division and how long it took?  What happened when we mixed up just one number in multiplication or subtraction?  Uggh!  The whole equation was off.

It’s easy to feel “off” in life.  I myself am a pretty upbeat gal and I practice self love, affirmations, law of attraction but I have to admit that sometimes I still just feel off.  Ho’oponopono fills in the gap.  The prayer is offered up to the Divine (God, the Universe, etc…).  There are no hard and fast rules to the words.  You can say them in any order.  You can say them with the addition of your own dialogue or not.  You can say them while thinking of a situation or person that is troubling you or just say them because you feel slightly off.  The key is to say them.

I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you.  Thank you.

·       I offer up to the Divine that I’m sorry and take ownership of any part that is mine.  This is taking responsibility of your circumstances – sometimes we know what’s up, sometimes we don’t…  but as I always say we are all so powerful.  Part of that power is owning it and we own it by saying I’m sorry for my part (specifically name or not…)

I have a friend who dislikes this part of the prayer.  Ok, so exclude it for the time being or change it to I take ownership.

·       Please forgive me – for being judgmental, blind, impatient, inflexible, rude…  and these sentences could all end with to myself as well as in, Please forgive me for being judgmental to myself.  Please forgive me for not honoring myself.  This part of the prayer is not to place blame on yourself.  It’s an important part of transmuting the thoughts and memories. Try not to overthink.  Allow the Divine to take over.


·       I love you is an expression of sending your love out into the world because Love, as it turns out does cover over: fear, hate, judgement, intolerance, unforgivness… Have you ever heard that love is the opposite of fear?  And, have you ever considered fear motivates a lot of unproductive and hurtful actions?  Well, cover over it with Love! I love you.


·       Thank you – the art of gratitude is very powerful.   Gratitude transforms.  It shifts your perspective and your point of attraction.  Have you heard the saying Give thanks in all circumstances, actually from the Bible.  When I was a younger, I used to think this was a misprint in the Bible.  But I’ve learned to really value this principle.  Often this gratitude for your circumstances doesn’t happen overnight. Some things take time, take work, take self reflection and YES, Ho’oponopono to transform awful circumstances into gratitude.

I have seen a lot little shifts in my life since I started to, as I call it, Ho’oponopono it!  I say now, I’m gonna Ho’oponopono that and I do.  Sometimes not right when I am upset by the lady cutting in front of me or feeling left out or annoyed at a friend’s behavior but I eventually do and it clears it.  Oh, did I mention, that’s the point.  The prayer clears it from your consciousness.  Yay!  And things begin to shift.

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