Listen to your Gut - Day 10 of 30

I always recommend listening to your gut.  Just know though that sometimes you’re gonna piss people off when you do.

In case you didn’t read last Friday’s blog, I was in a hit and run last Friday and I’ve been dealing with some pain that’s been moving around between my head, back and neck.  All in all, I think I’m healing nicely.  Taking a stroll was difficult both Sunday and Monday but today, much much better.   

Background:  My stepdad is an acupuncturist and my mom works for an acupuncturist.   

My well meaning mom wanted me to get acupuncture from my stepdad today to help alleviate some of my back pain.  I agreed but quickly felt uncomfortable as my parents don’t have the best set up for face down position treatments.  I had to adjust quite a bit as the little pillow under my chin was not cutting it for support and when I did, the needles would hurt.  Why don’t they have a hole in the bed?  Sheesh. 

After a few minutes, I asked my mom to remove the needles.  She didn’t want to as the needles need 10-20 minutes to be the most effective but I didn’t want to take a chance as I already had pain and didn’t want to add any more. 

My mom ended up removing the needles but she was very frustrated with me.  Shortly after, I left her house with Jake (my boy) and suddenly I also had to deal with his attitude too because he was siding with my mom.  (major eye roll)

Today’s the first day I’ve driven substantially since my accident.  I was a bit nervous driving over an hour plus I was driving my hubby’s car which added another variable to the mix but I made it.  Yay!

My mom texted me an apology which was nice but I was frustrated that they were frustrated with me.  I was absolutely spent by the time I got home but you know what?  I felt good that I listened to my gut and that I took care of myself and did what I felt was best for me!