eat to live or live to eat?


Believe it or not, part of my attraction to France is that I can eat whatever I want!

 Normally I’m gluten free and though my options for foods have grown substantially over the past 13 years, there are still many delicious foods I have to exclude from my diet.

If you know me well, you will know that although I am a pretty healthy eater = eating to live, the truth really is, I live to eat!!!

At times I’m better than others.  Right now, I’m a super healthy eater but that’s because I just came home from France where I ate whatever I wanted. 

The reason?  I can eat wheat in France - and Italy for that matter with no issues whatsoever to my system.  The way I found this out was when I visited France a few years ago, I decided I could not bear to deprive myself of baguettes, croissants, apple tarts and my favorite Millefeuille and so I didn’t and nothing happened to me. 

From my own research, I’ve found the reason for this is because in Italy and France, they do not put preservatives on their wheat.  When they thresh their wheat, they then immediately use it instead of housing it for a long time which requires the use of preservatives. 

To end my blog today, I want to share a story about my search for the perfect millefeuille.  Because it was an unusually warm summer in France, the millfeuilles I bought were often soggy by the time I ate them.  They are not meant to be soggy but rather flaky so I went on a quest to find a perfect millefeuille.

During my quest, Mark and I walked 45 minutes to a bakery that I found online that touted their millefeuilles.  When we finally arrived, NO MILLEFEUILLES.  Devastation!!!

The owner came out to talk to me and recommended an old and well known bakery called Stohrer.  He said they throw out their pastries every few hours to keep them fresh. I thanked him and off we went to find Stohrer. 

It was a very happy ending.