We want to Create

I moved into my new home and everything was SUPER PERFECT!!!


But seriously, our kitchen was actually still under construction.  It was almost done but that “almost” turned into one fiasco after another.   

We ate out every night for almost 2 months.  Did I enjoy the break from cooking? 

I didn’t.  The thing is, I enjoy cooking.  How much I enjoy it, I did not realize until now. 

In addition to my kitchen not being complete, I also had limited use of our old kitchen from showings and open houses as we patiently waited for the perfect buyer to arrive.

For months I was a part time cook.  Our Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations ended up revolving around me having a full working kitchen and I cooked every single day on VACATION. 


My kitchen in Flagstaff over Christmas vacation

Do I normally cook on vacations at all?  HECK NO!  In fact one year, for my husband’s birthday, we stayed at his aunt’s cabin in Yosemite and I was irked because I had to cook almost everyday and now, all I wanted to do was cook!?!

I realize now that cooking is a big part of me.  I like to create in the kitchen and people usually like what I make and they tell me so.  I’m the kind of person that if I like a meal in a restaurant, I will try to figure out how to make it at home or some version of it. 

 “I’ll figure out how to make it at home”

 One of my family’s favorite recipes was born out of a trip I took to Vancouver sans them.  I ordered the spaghetti amatriciana - a delicious pasta dish with guanciale (Italian bacon) and red sauce.  I loved it so much and I wanted my family to enjoy it too but Vancouver is kinda far so I looked up the menu online and I set out to make it myself. 

 At first, I tried pancetta with the recipe - Good! But then later, I landed on using both bratswurst and sweet sausage instead. Even better. I added peperoncini and Voila! It was a huge hit and easy too.

 When I prepare to cook, my body and my brain both get excited.  Remember in Ratatouille when Linguini calls Remi his little chef?  I feel like I have a little chef and it guides me in the kitchen. 

 When we moved into our new home without a working kitchen, my little chef still wanted to cook.  I told it/us, soon…  Soon, we would have a working kitchen and then little chef and I could cook again.  Little Chef did not like this.  I felt a gnawing inside me... 

 Yes, I was out of my routine but it was more than that.  My little chef didn’t care that my kitchen wasn’t working.  He had ideas.  He would tell me. 

 “Psttttt!  Wouldn’t mahi mahi be tasty tonight?  Let’s buy some leeks”

No, I can’t right now I would say inside my own head.  But my little chef didn’t like my answers and he grew more and more sad as the weeks went on. 

Now I know, cooking is a huge creative outlet for me.  I identify with being an artist.  I act.  I write.  I designed my kitchen and my home. I create…   My creativity wants to flow.  And when it can’t, I don’t feel quite right.  I imagine other people feel the same way too. Not necessarily about cooking – maybe photography, singing, painting, dancing or even putting on make-up…

 How does your creativity like to come out and play?    

“We want to create.  We were born to create”




spaghetti amatriciana at Gusto di Quattro

In case you are interested in my recipe:

 Note: I get most of my ingredients from Trader Joe’s but you can get them anywhere

-1/2 package of sweet sausage (freeze the other half for later)

-1/2 package of Bratsburst (freeze the other half for later)

 or -1 package of diced pancetta

 -3 cloves of garlic diced (less if you don’t like garlic or omit and just use onion)

- one teaspoon coconut oil

-tomato paste

- a lil vegetable broth

-1/4 cup pepperoncini sliced

-half an onion diced

-salt to taste

-pasta of your choice

 less spicy option for kids

-1/2 cup marinated artichoke hearts (comes in a glass jar)

1.     squeeze the sausages out of their casing and brown on low with coconut oil, garlic and onion

2.     add tomato paste.  I use a little more than half a small can

At this point, I take out a small portion for my son, before I add the spice. 

3.     add sliced pepperoncini.  I add some of the juice from the jar.  Don’t do this is you don’t want it too spicy.  Add a smidge of vegetable broth instead to make it sauce-like

4.     add salt to your liking

5.     Cook your favorite pasta

6.     Top with parmesan cheese!

Back to my son’s sauce

I now add the sliced artichoke hearts into his sauce and put the pasta in


If you make this, I wanna hear!!!


My new creativity lab