Monopoly Socialism

Jake wanted to spend some of his birthday moula buying some board games today. Believe it or not, he chose Monopoly Socialism. He’s always loved Monopoly and with the absence of his I-phone, Monopoly has become quite popular at our house.


I thought this game was an absolute crackup and I could not stop laughing throughout the whole game.

A brief overview:

When you pass Go, each player collects $50 and $5 of it goes into the community fund in the middle.

When you land on Free Parking, nothing happens.

When you land on businesses, you can purchase them with your money, the community fund or the property can be auctioned.

To win, you have to get rid of all your tokens. Don’t worry about this.

Jake really liked the idea of working together as a team. Part of the rules say you can use the community fund if you “need” it. This was my favorite part. You had to extinguish your funds first but then you could basically always use the community fund to buy anything. I don’t know why but this is what made my laugh so hard.

Jake would keep telling me I couldn’t use the community fund because it wasn’t my money but then I’d just say I really “needed” it and I’d use up all the community fund over and over.

The birthday boy ended up winning. I guess he gets socialism more than me. Good food for thought maybe. Not that it’s a very realistic application but I did notice I was not at all motivated to make my own money in this Monopoly game. I mainly enjoyed taking from the community fund under Jake’s protest because hey, I needed the money!