A Pearl by any other name...

For many years now, my hubby and son have enjoyed going to Father/Son camp at Griffith Park. My son has often asked me if I would like to participate in the Mother/Son camp at Griffith Park too.


Hmmm. I am sure I’d have fun if I absolutely had to go to Griffith Park Mother/Son camp but the thought of sleeping on a bunk bed in the same room as 20 other campers with the door opening and closing for every camper who needed to go to the bathroom and eating cafeteria food does not immediately bring explosions of joy into my mind.

Fortunately, I have been able to develop a different type of Mother/Son trip with my son.

Back in 2013, pre Black Fish Days Jake and I were frequent flyers at Sea World. We had a season pass and we never wanted to go home as we both enjoyed being unnaturally close to the orcas and dolphins at the park. * I still miss the Sea World days but just can’t support Sea World these days..

We always wanted to stay overnight but knew it wasn’t a great idea to spend $200 on a hotel room every trip. I remember at that time, I had just discovered the app Hotel Tonight. Last minute, I decided to check the app to see what “last minute” deals might be available in SD. The Pearl for $79/night popped up. I didn’t know anything about the Pearl. I just knew I wanted to go back to Sea World the next day with my little buddy so I booked it!


I’m so glad I did because it’s now Jake and my Mother/Son spot. That particular night happened to have been a Wednesday which is when the Pearl screens a movie on their big screen over the pool from their restaurant. This was an unexpected surprise on our first stay - I believe they were showing Jaws that night.

And now we’re hooked. I’m typing from my room at the Pearl now. It’s been such a fun little trip already. We drove down to SD today to usher in Jake’s 15th birthday. Here was our to do list today:

  1. Visit Icekimo for delicious Taiwanese shaved snow

  2. Cruise over to Shelter Island on the free beach cruisers from the Pearl

  3. Watch Point Break and celebrate Jake and my brother Johnny’s birthdays together!

Check. Check. Check. So grateful for our wonderful mother son getaway and that we were able to enjoy the time with my brother and my sister in law.