Don’t get desensitized

Don’t get desensitized to the shootings.

We hear this all the time but it’s really challenging to know exactly how to process all these mass shootings.

I often remember Wayne Dyers words reminding us “You Can’t Feel Bad Enough to Make Anybody Else’s Life Better.”

In my past, I could often overload myself with emotions mainly sadness and anger when bad things would happen around me until I learned this was not healthy for anyone. But what is healthy when it comes to all this gun violence?

My husband and I were eating lunch at a restaurant today as we were discussing the shootings. For a split second, my mind flashed an image of a person walking through the front door and opening fire.

Shivers. I immediately dismissed this thought but not before recognizing how much anxiety I could live in if I sat on the fear side of all these mass shootings. This is NOT what I want to do with my mind.

I don’t have a clear answer except that as I discussed all the violence going on in the world today, all I could really utter was God help us. And it made me think maybe I should start praying more for our country and our world. How could it hurt?