Do you believe in signs?

I was going to write about a book I picked up at the Little Library in my neighborhood but after attempting to write my blog twice today, I decided maybe the Universe was trying to give me a sign.

The first attempt at today’s blog, I was copying a quote from the book and suddenly my blog page disappeared and nothing was saved.

Argh! Technology, I thought and I began again making sure to save my precious words.

In the midst of my second attempt, I stopped to make dinner but not before I put the book outside.


After dinner, I asked my husband if he wanted to take a stroll to return said book.

I snapped a photo of the page I intended to quote. I returned the book to the Little Free Library and came home to resume writing my blog.

I copied the quote from my phone and pressed save immediately.

The quote did not save.

Maybe it was yet another fluke but I don’t think so.

I’m not sure exactly how to explain the blog malfunctions except to say the book was not a vibrational match to me.

I love signs so I try to pay attention when I feel like the Universe is sending me signals.

If you’re curious about the book, it’s called The 48 Laws of Power. FYI, it is not referring to Spiritual Power.