Sorry. Not Sorry?

Last Sunday we attended a new church in our town.  As Mark and I walked in to sit down, I thought I heard someone drop the F bomb.  My mind immediately dismissed it as we were in church. 

Two seconds later…  FUCK!  Ok, now I knew I had heard it correctly.  The woman was sitting in the front row.  People started fussing around her and asking her to calm down.  She yelled NO!  I won’t calm down and several more F bombs came out before two people escorted her outside. 

A few people turned to apologize.  I’m so sorry several people said to us.  And then during the greeting portion, someone else apologized. 

The funny thing was Mark and I were not at all offended by this.  In fact, we kinda loved the irony of it plus we assumed the woman had Tourette’s Syndrome which we are AOK with. 

What actually struck us was how many people apologized for her as if an apology was needed.  My husband joked that he should have responded, “Oh don’t worry about it.  I don’t fucking care.” 

Every apology felt like a desperate plea to fit in – to say we’re normal, don’t be put off by this.  Too bad they didn’t know we’re NOT normal.   

I can see why they would ask her to leave while having her outburst as no one can speak or listen through that type of outburst but I don’t think any apologies were necessary. 

Sorry.  Not Sorry.