Day 26

It’s day 26 of my 30 days of blogging.

Guess who doesn’t feel like blogging on a Friday night but is going to anyway?

Though I don’t want to blog today and didn’t want to yesterday for that matter, I intend to finish my 30 days of blogging because I made a commitment to myself.

Not that I don’t think there are times to rethink commitments. I absolutely think there are those times but I don’t think this is one of them.

Murphy’s Ranch in Santa Monica

Murphy’s Ranch in Santa Monica

#30daysofblogging is feeling a little pain in the buttish right now, but I’m gonna think of it as a strengthening exercise - reminds me of Steps in Nature.

I love steps in nature. My favorite set is probably in Santa Monica - Murphy’s Ranch, mainly because of the way the steps look.

I admit whenever I look up at the 500+ steps at Murphy’s Ranch, I wonder for a few seconds if I’m a masochist and then I quickly shift gears to reaching the top. I’m not a big chit chatter when I climb steps. Once I set my mind to do them, I go but I pace myself.

I start off steady. In the middle, I slow down and right at the end, I try to speed up to cross that last step.

This is my thinking with my #30daysof blogging. I’m not really in the middle right now. I’m at the end but mentally, I feel like I’m in the middle and need to take it easy and be light with my writing.

I’m not sure I’ll speed up on day 30. To be honest, I’m not sure I actually ever speed up at the end of my steps or if it’s just in my mind, I decide to add a little juice at the end. Maybe it just keeps me from falling over at the end. Whatever speed it is, I do finish and it feels pretty good to do so!

I intend to do that too in the next 4 days!