The Light Within

A few months ago when Notre Dame caught on fire, my husband texted me. I couldn’t comprehend his text though it was clear. It was not until I searched the internet and watched a video that I felt the gravity of the fire.

My heart felt a pierce as I watched the spires burning and I cried as I watched Notre Dame burn. I have a special place in my heart for Notre Dame as so many people do. It’s beautiful but also full of a beautiful energy and light. Perhaps this is what spurred my interest to visit France.

Notre Dame - July 2019

Notre Dame - July 2019

During our time in France, we visited Notre Dame in Nice for the first time, Sacré Cœur in Montmartre - another one of my favorites and we enjoyed a concert at Sainte Chapelle in Paris.

At home, Unity has been our church and I love what Unity stands for. But one thing that my mind has been contemplating is the Christ consciousness aspect of Unity and in spirituality.

Alas, I will not ramble on about Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness but I will say this… During my visits to these beautiful cathedrals, I felt compelled to light a candle and drawn to kneel on the kneeling boards to pray. This is something I would have done 15 plus years ago but not as much now.

Vivaldi concert at St. Chapelle

Vivaldi concert at St. Chapelle

Once upon a time, when I left the Christian church, I didn’t want to pray to Jesus anymore. I don’t think I was mad at Jesus but rather all the rules the church set forth.

A memory that tumbles forward is when I used to attend a charismatic church and we were asked to pray and lay hands on a neighbor. I remember laying hands over a boy I had never met and praying for his eyesight. So vividly I can recall his parents asking me how I knew about his eyes as he was to have surgery on his eyes imminently. I believe my response was, the holy spirit.


I asked my husband if he thought anything of my candle lighting and praying and he said he was wondering about it. Ha!

I explained to him that where I reside spiritually right now, I think I’m open to enlightened beings such as Jesus and Buddha and Gandhi. There’s a lot we can learn from them and if the spirit in me is open to these sources, then I am open too.

A funny thing happened when I prayed in Sacré Cœur. I kneeled where there was a bright light coming in from the sun. I like signs and the light called to me. As I kneeled to say hi to God, and consider some kind of dramatic rededication, the light dimmed so I redirected my melodramatic thoughts - to focus on something else… I landed on the light within - the God within. This resonated with me.


Before my trip to France, as part of an experiment I was doing from the book E3, I asked the Universe if we should attend a new church - our Unity is very small and may be on the verge of folding.

One of the churches my family has really enjoyed encompasses Jesus in it’s mission which I wasn’t sure about but now, I’m thinking the answer is Yes.

In front of Sacré-Cœur

In front of Sacré-Cœur