Take a vacation from your vacation on your vacation

Travel Tip:

Since I love to travel and many times with a boy in tow, I thought I’d give a travel tip today.

If you are planning a good deal of sightseeing, carve out some down time.

During our recent trip to France, we were zipping all over France from Paris to Provence to Nice and back to Paris. We packed a lot of activities in and I loved every moment.


As I look back over our trip now, I am really grateful we squeezed in a day at Gorges du Verdon aka Europe’s Grand Canyon. This gorgeous gorge has taken millions of years to form via the Verdon River and it took our breath away and allowed us to exhale and slow down our pace for a day to recalibrate.

We rented a paddle boat and ventured out into the cool turquoise water. It was pretty warm while we were in Provence so jumping in the water was amazingly refreshing.


Guess who else loved the water? Yes, the boy! He was required to wear a life vest. Luckily, our former junior guard did not mind. He was jumping and splashing about all over the place.


It was the exact change of pace we needed that day before getting back to our faster paced adventures.

I love sight seeing but sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. If you ever feel this way too, my advice… Take a vacation from your vacation on your vacation.

Slot in time for some slower paced play and relaxation


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