Watch & Learn

This past weekend, I went to Santa Barbara with my hubby’s family.  

I took in every moment my son happily played with his cousins and grandma while I too played happily with my hubby – a lil date time.

 This is a little funny, but for my overactive mind, at times the weekend felt like a case study in the Law of Attraction.  


I was a little fly on the wall.  I watched from behind while my son and his grandma linked arms walking and talking. I caught little conversations here and there, one in particular that made a light bulb turn on in me.

That memorable conversation was when we were talking about our rooms.  The first night, my hubby and I had a lovely room with a balcony but no bathtub.  

The hotel explained I could move the next day and get a room with two queen beds and a tub. 

 I decided it was worth squeezing our fat butts into a queen bed so I could soak in the eucalyptus bath salts I had brought on our trip.

After we moved, my mother in law asked how our room was and I happily replied “GREAT!” as I’d already taken a couple baths. (Don’t judge me.  I love baths.)

She asked me if I had an ocean view.  I replied, “partial” -which was perfectly awesome by me.   

I recall my mother-in-law taking that opportunity to tell my son, “Remember Jake, in all circumstances, you can choose to be happy.”  “Of course things happen,” she said “but you can always choose to be happy.”

My son nodded.

I nodded too - in my mind. 

Whether or not we claim to be students of the Law of Attraction, we all are.  And in that moment, I realized my mother-in-law was quite an astute student of the LOA.   

You can read about the Law of Attraction but watching a person practice the Law of Attraction is kinda awesome.   And off my mind went on a little journey down memory lane with my mother in law recalling all the ways she was the master of her happy life.  

I had a wonderful weekend in Santa Barbara but I must admit the greatest gift I received was the perspective the Universe gave me on the Law of Attraction this past weekend. 

 What I saw in that moment was how powerful my mother-in-law’s mind is and how she is able to put a protective boundary around what is meaningful to her. 

 Years ago, when I got my teaching credential, I remember learning about the practice of extinction in the classroom.  

Extinction requires that when you want to curb a child’s negative behavior, you actually ignore the negative behavior but pay close close attention to when the child does something positive.  When they behave positively, you immediately praise them!! aka LOA.

 If this sounds challenging to you, just remember Yoda’s words:

“Do or do not, there is no try.”


 Try. Try Again.