Who dis?


Crossing the bridge to school…  is not my son.  

Yesterday was Jake’s first day of school and since I have been practicing the art of thinking less, I kinda oofed up the first day of school photo.  

Thinking is a tool. And instead of using that tool during the 16 or 17 hours that you’re awake, only use it when you NEED it. 

-Darius Foroux

Just as I practice not eating all day long, I’ve been practicing not thinking all day long too. 

Being that it was the first day of school, the entryway to my son’s school was bursting with cars a mile down the street. We made a game time decision for him to cross the bridge to get to school and save time. 

Since the bridge is in the middle of a residential area, drop offs are on the speedy side. I rushed out a “Have a great day!” as he jumped out.  

As I was driving away, I realized, I had forgotten to take a first day of school picture.  If you’re wondering if this was a big deal, consider the following, I have a hat with the words “Paparazzi” emblazoned on it.  

Once I realized my oof, I quickly made a U-turn so I could capture a pic on the bridge – A “on the way photo…”

I snapped a pic on the bridge of my boy and sighed a breath of relief until it slowly sank in that the picture I took was NOT my boy.  There was no way he could walk that slowly as I had leisurely continued down the street before flipping around.

What could I do at that point but laugh?  

I texted my son to meet me in front of the school for pick-up. He did not respond. I guess that’s what I get for trading his iPhone in for a Blackberry. 

I drove to said meeting spot and proceeded to call him and he showed up for his discreet photo session. But I have to say, the bridge pic stole the show.  

Me thinks less thinking makes for more fun memories!